We’ve included a group of Website Optimization Resources in your Web Control Panel for you to efficiently promote your websites online. Our sitemap generator will help you obtain a precise sitemap of your site. Additionally, you can easily distribute that sitemap to the major search engines to list your site. The RSS News publishing tool will help you make regularly refreshed content material on your front page so you could get much better possibilities to climb higher in search engine listings. At the same time, we’ve incorporated a GeoIP re–direction instrument that will permit you to approach your customers much more accurately in line with their particular location.

A Sitemap Generator

Make a sitemap with all of your pages a click of the mouse

The quickest way of getting your newly introduced web site indexed in the search engines is to send a sitemap. The sitemap shows all the webpages within your website and by submitting it to a particular search engine, you tell it that you like those pages to be indexed as quickly as possible. Sitemaps are generally built by third–party instruments. Nonetheless, here, it’s not necessary to move out of your Web Control Panel. KR Digital Concept IT Solutions’s in–house made Sitemap Generator is integrated within the Advanced Applications part and is going to set up a sitemap on your behalf in a click.

Everything you need to do is pick the top amount of web pages you prefer to be listed, the range of the scanned URLs along with the extension of the sitemap report.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Route site visitors according to their location

Through the GeoIP redirection application that is built into the Domain Manager of the KR Digital Concept IT Solutions Web Control Panel, you are able to re–route your web visitors based on their geographic area. For example, if you have several language variations of the web site, you could generate a certain language version to immediately load for customers from the area where that language is spoken. In this way, if a person coming from France opens your website, she’ll be instantly taken to the French release, without the need to move to French on her own. To use the GeoIP redirection tool , you will not need just about any experience or special capabilities. Simply specify the geographical area of the readers and the link to your website that you’d like to load for them by default.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Display the most recent news within your web site

What is RSS? RSS can be described as a technology for publishing and collecting website content. It is becoming commonly used by information web sites, individual weblogs, bulletins, etc. The presented content is quickly picked up by a news reader and after that displayed to the user. Utilizing RSS, clients will be able to obtain news from many different websites and go over them in a sole area.

With the RSS News Publication application, you can easily include media feeds from a lot of the world’s most–preferred news portals and present them within your website.

RSS News